Karl Musil

Born in 1939, Karl Musil (2013†) was the first solo dancer with the Vienna State Opera, ballet principal at the Vienna Conservatory, and the president of the Austrian Dance Council.

In 1996 the ÖTR-CONTEST, National Dance and Ballet Competition in the Viennese Theater Akzent, was first organised by the Austrian Dance Council, under the direction of Prof. Karl Musil and Prof. Evelyn Téri. 

Prof. Karl Musil’s main concern was to revive and strengthen the awareness of dance, especially in the professional sector – initially unique in Vienna and Austria. Within a short time, through the enthusiasm and personal commitment of the management (Prof. Musil and Prof. Teri), the competition also developed on an international level. This was only done as a non-profit organisation, as an association, financed by sponsors. A feat of strength that has paid off!

Prof. Karl Musil and artistic director Prof. Evelyn Téri are a solid foundation of knowledge and experience for the present event, which has grown into an international cultural exchange platform for aspiring dancers.

„Wie erhebend – noch junge Menschen mit Einsatz, Fantasie und uneingeschränkter Liebe zum Tanz auf der Bühne sehen zu dürfen!“ (Karl Musil, 2007)