It all began in 1996 with the first national ballet / contemporary dance competition held in Vienna, which later became one of the most important international competitions. They were organised by the Austrian Dance Council (ÖTR) under the direction of Prof. Karl Musil and Prof. Evelyn Teri, both well-known international pedagogues and choreographers in the ballet world. With its great success, further competitions took place in the years 1997, 1999, 2001, 2004, and 2007 respectively. The ÖTR CONTEST acted as a big milestone for many winners such as Jana Salenko, Dinu Tamazlacaru, Nina Poláková, Liudmila Konovalova, Roman Lazik, Mihail Sosnovschi, Jakob Feyferlik, Daniil Simkin and many more, who have successfully reached major stages and achievements all around the world.


Since 2013, the Austrian New Century Culture Exchange Association and the European Dance Association, led by VIAF president Sophia Li, have taken over the organisations of the contest. Ever since, both organisations have arranged the 7th and 8th International Ballet and Modern Dance Competitions in 2014 and 2019, respectively which have also become one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of dance. We are hereby delighted to welcome performing artists participating in the next Ballet Grand Prix Vienna. 


The mission of this competition is to encourage young generations in the art form of dance. We are not only aiming to set impulses for both the national and international dance scene, but also to establish the capital of Austria as an interface for people from all over the world. Our workshops, masterclasses, and seminars are conducted by renowned and highly qualified authorities in their professional fields. We have had significant jury members, such as Susanne Kirnbauer, Vladimir Malakhov, Jörg Mannes, Renato Zanella or Park Jae Kaeun. Our goal is to provide an ideal platform for intercultural communication. The competition closes with a gala evening and selection of winners from the competition, who will get the opportunity to perform together with internationally famous dancers from different countries, amongst who were Matthew Golding, Davide Dato, Prisca Zeisel and Maria Yakovleva.  


This year we are pleased to welcome you to our Ballet Grand Prix Vienna - the 9thInternational Ballet & contemporary, first online edition. 


We wish all candidates a successful participation and an enjoyable time with us, and we hope to meet you in Vienna very soon!



The 9th International Ballet & Contemporary Dance Competition


October 27th - 29th 2021
Finale: October 30th 2021


The registration portal is closed now





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