The awarded candidates receive medals in gold, silver, and bronze, certificates, and monetary prizes. At this year's online edition, candidates will receive certificates and monetary prizes.

The first place of all categories, both female and male, MAY additionally receive a scholarship for next year’s competition taking place in Vienna, covering the registration fee and the stay during the competition – note that this is subject to change!


Monetary prizes for the Ballet Grand Prix Vienna 2021 – online edition

Note: These are shared prizes for female and male winners!


Grand Prix: 1500€ 

(The jury is not obligated to award the Grand Prix at all)


Category D

1stPrize: 1000€

2ndPrize: 700€

3rdPrize: 500€


Category B2

1stPrize: 500€

2ndPrize: 300€

3rdPrize: 200€


Category B1

1stPrize: 300€

2ndPrize: 200€

3rdPrize: 150€



Other Prizes


Scholarships for next year’s competition held in Vienna 2022 

Vladimir Malakhov Prize

Karl Musil Price



The 9th International Ballet & Contemporary Dance Competition


October 27th - 29th 2021
Finale: October 30th 2021


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@Vienna International Arts Festival